Top Ten Best New Hairstyles For Men

From Boardwalk Empire trims to flowing coifs, the old is new again with this season’s hottest hairstyles for men.  My Look Salon is a Hybrid Salon in the sense that we have combined both a Hair Salon with expert stylists, along with a Gentleman’s Barbershop, which leaves you with the perfect choice of stylists to get the new look you want for Spring.  Taking the Hybrid concept one step further, we have combined the best in “Old School” or a Traditional Barbershop and all of the services you expect from a true Gentleman’s Barbershop, with all the latest styles and cuts of a “New School” barber.  

Follow the link and check out the hottest men’s hairstyles and cuts for Spring 2013, and while you’re there, check our our Barber page and our Stylists as well.  My Look Salon has all the options you’ll need, leaving you with the perfect Hairstyle to fit your look.


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